Have you ever wondered why there is no alternative for honey on retail shelves? We have! There is a hugely successful alternative to maple syrup which provides consumers with a quality low-cost alternative to the real thing…

We want to provide the same thing for all the honey lovers in the world who want a more cost-effective alternative for honey. We have spent the last two years perfecting that product. We are proud to say that we have exceeded our wildest dreams! In our product taste tests, very few people can distinguish Be Sweet from real honey. From a technical standpoint, we have matched real honey in terms of sweetness, flavour, colour, viscosity, solids levels, and astringency. The end result is a product that looks, tastes, behaves, cooks, and bakes like real honey!

We didn’t stop there, however. We also addressed two issues that exist with real honey. The first problem is that honey crystallizes at slightly below room temperature. The second issue is that current packaging for honey makes getting it out of the jar or bottle a messy proposition indeed. We have solved both of these problems! We developed our Be Sweet in such a way that it will not crystallize even at -20°C. We package our product in an attractive, easy to use, flip-top, and drip-free, inverted bottle for the retail and foodservice markets.

In short, we have developed a liquid honey product which is always easily available and simple to use!

Our product does contain a certain amount of real honey. In order to avoid the issues that may accompany honey sourced from other countries, we certify that the honey contained in Be Sweet is 100% real. Honey has become increasingly expensive recently and demand is exceeding supply. This is mainly due to the Colony Collapse Disorder or CCD. This phenomenon is brought on by the disappearance of many worker bees in the colony which means the hive produces lower quantities of honey. CCD, along with neonicotinoids and other issues, have greatly reduced the bee population worldwide which has resulted in much higher prices for honey. There is no immediate relief to these problems in sight. Fortunately, our product Be Sweet is much more affordable than real honey. Consumers, restaurants, and manufacturers have access to a cost-effective product that has all the attributes of real honey.

The brains behind Be Sweet

Mario Fleury

Mario began his career with a leading spice and seasoning company, starting in the Quality Assurance laboratory and eventually working his way into industrial sales coordinator role where he gained experience in R&D, production, costing, pricing and sales and marketing. His determined work ethic and growing sales aptitude lead him to explore a new sales opportunity with an up and coming ingredient company. He rose through the ranks to eventually become co-owner and President of what became one of Canada’s leading ingredient companies. This company was eventually sold and Mario retired although he was always involved in various projects. Then along came Eric, a good friend and former colleague who suggested they team up to promote their common vision of Be Sweet Inc. 

Eric Russell

Eric started his career in the lighting business with a large electrical company selling incandescent and fluorescent lighting to distributors. He joined a small food ingredient manufacturer and started on the bottom of the ladder, learning everything he could about the business. After a successful acquisition by a large US company, Eric carried on through layers of sales management but eventually left to pursue a career as Vice President of Sales & Marketing with a well-established ingredient company. Eventually, Eric started his own marketing company, Russell Marketing Inc. focusing on specialty items for the food industry. Eric then decided to collaborate with his former colleague Mario to realize his dream of having Be Sweet a major player in the honey alternative market for the industrial foodservice and retail sectors of the food industry.

We continue to see our vision grow for this product which brings us much satisfaction.