We at Be Sweet understand that you have many questions about our product, so we compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions to settle any doubts you might have.

Is this real honey?
Be Sweet contains real honey (never Chinese). It is an alternative being offered to consumers given the high cost of honey. It is very similar to honey in every aspect, including nutritionally, but unlike honey, it will never crystallize.

How much honey is in the product?
We cannot disclose our formula but there is a fair amount of honey in the product to give it the background notes desired but not too much to make it expensive.

Why doesn’t it crystallize like honey?
It is the glucose in honey that comes out of solution (out from the water) and forms crystals. Natural honey is more susceptible depending on how much glucose is in that type of honey. Honey contains pollen and other impurities which start the crystallization process. Be Sweet contains much less pollen and impurities.

Why is Be Sweet so sweet?
It is the same sweetness as honey and basically has the same sugar composition as honey i.e. fructose and glucose.

Why is this product called a spread?
Spread is the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) term for a blended honey product.

Where is this product made?
It is made is Mississauga, ON, Canada.

Is this product Kosher?
Yes, it is certified Kosher MK Pareve.

Does Be Sweet contain Chinese honey?
It does not and will never contain Chinese honey.

Why is this product less expensive?
Be Sweet is honey blended with other ingredients (mainly from corn) which significantly reduces the cost.

Does Be Sweet contain the same fructose as found in soda?
Yes, the fructose in Be Sweet comes from corn and is exactly the same fructose found in real fruit as well as honey.

Can you bake with Be Sweet?
Absolutely, another advantage to Be Sweet is that it is more heat stable than honey which means more honey flavor after the baking process. Be Sweet is currently used by major bakeries in North America.

Will this product freeze?
Be Sweet can be frozen but will never crystallize. It has been tested at -20 degrees celsius for 90 days and our product never crystallized.

Is honey better for you?
Not really, Be Sweet has a very similar composition as honey and thus very similar nutritional value. Honey does have some perceived health benefits that we would not claim with Be Sweet. Also, honey and Be Sweet are typically used in small quantities.

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